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Conversion-Focused Websites

& Comprehensive Landing Page Platform

Our Conversion-Focused Website & Landing Page Platform quickly attracts and converts website traffic into workable prospects.  We do this with over a dozen top-performing landing pages with room for limitless expansion where we create and tailor pages that match your market, specialty, and desired clientele.

The answer to a common website problem.

Website performance issues can usually be segmented into three categories: Poor Design, Lack of Content, and/or Weak Interaction. In an overwhelming number of website cases, both client and web designer only concentrate on design issues – after all, this is the easiest of the three to tackle.  We’ve seen beautiful websites go through an extensive (and expensive) redesign to only find themselves exactly where they started, a website that is doing very little for their bottom line.  Oh, but it looks good!

Many who have already gone around the redesign carousel a few times know the issue isn’t the look of the website. So some invest in fancy visualization tools, dashboards, even third-party sales widgets, and when the dust settles, they again simply find themselves where they started.  Yes, it’s frustrating.

The answer to this common problem is simple, while the work involved often isn’t. And in a world of ever increasing automation tools, who likes to work these days?  Well, we do!

The first task to tackle is to understand what you want to accomplish with your website. We specialize in websites that attract relevant traffic – both organically and through search engine marketing – that quickly convert into actionable information that allows you to grow revenue.  A well performing website excels in design, user experience, content, interaction – and ultimately, you know it’s performing well because of improved traffic patterns and higher visitor conversions.


How does our Conversion-Focused Platform work?

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Kind Words From Our Clients

Chip Krespach

“I appreciate your attention… The Internet Czar stands out in the crowd of internet resources for sure!”

Chip Krespach, Domain LLC
Greg Davis

“I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t be happier. Richard, Bravo!!!”

Devin M. Cunning, M.D., FACS

“Thank You Richard & Karen! The new look is great and I appreciate your quick response…”

Helen K. Burke

“Fantastic work! I really appreciate all the attention and fast turnaround…”

Helen K. Burke, Intero Real Estate

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