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– and we’ll do it by putting great ideas into action.

Win More Clients Through Our Industry Specific Platform

Ideas without a great foundation to spring from land up never coming to life.  That’s why we created an industry-specific platform that allows great ideas to flourish into action – attracting relevant traffic, converting visitors into usable information, and make building new client relationships an enjoyable experience.

We customize every website/landing page platform to fit our clients industry, specialty, market, brand, and opportunities.  The industries we expertly serve are Real Estate, Mortgage, Law, Healthcare, and Financial. We have developed unique platforms for each of these industries allowing us to ramp up quickly and execute ideas without delay.

Professional Landing Pages for REALTORS, Lenders, Lawyers, and Doctors

Leverage Our Ideas & Content To Attract More Business

Mary Kay Ash is credited for saying, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” We couldn’t agree more – and we work hard to bring ideas to life. It begins with our industry-specific platform which comes loaded with content and specialty conversion pages that deliver new prospects to your email and text-enabled device.  For example, our personal injury platform is delivered with 12+ prospect converting landing pages or our real estate specific platform is delivered with 15+ prospect converting landing pages.

Content and topic relevant landing pages improves your web position within search engines by establishing relevance and improves user experience.

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Lack of content and/or conversion forms is the #1 reason professional websites fail to generate leads.

Relevant content, conversion forms, and multiple conversion requests are the centerpiece of our platform.

Happy & Friendly Customer Service That Keeps Everything Simple

Happy Customer Service

We know you have your own ideas, you’ll have the occasional website change, and from time-to-time you’ll want to pursue a new niche or opportunity – well, we’re here to make that all happen and we’re just a phone call, email, or live chat away.

These days technology isn’t much of a differentiator; customer service, or better yet, happy customer service is a big attribute of what sets us apart. Because at the end of the day, anyone could steal our content, they can recreate our landing page platform, they can license much of the same photography and utilize many of the same third-party cloud tools – but what they can’t (or won’t) replicate, is our dedication to happy customers through superior customer service.

We make ourselves available and we’re happy to help.

Thank You Helen!  We appreciate you too!

“Fantastic work! I really appreciate all the attention and fast turnaround…”

Helen K. BurkeHelen K. Burke, Intero Real Estate

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Add Awesomeness with Guaranteed Performance Marketing

Guaranteed Performance Marketing

We provide the Guaranteed Performance Marketing program to simplify online marketing for our clients.  As a comprehensive online marketing service we continually expand your industry-specific website/landing page platform by improving the reach and conversion of your lead pages, develop Google Adwords campaigns and ads, improve your organic search engine position, and continually fine tune the aggregate performance of your online marketing.

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