2020 Resort Living & Real Estate Guide & LeadSuite for

Palm Springs

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Be the first agent they choose.

Earn the attention of people interested in moving to the Palm Springs area.

Your Palm Springs Resort Living magazine will start building a relationship early.

2020 Palm Springs Area Resort Living Guide

Magazine Only:  $295

Included with the Resort Living LeadSuite

Exclusively branded with the agent’s information sitting at nearly 100 pages with no other advertisers or real estate agents.

The easiest way to share your new Resort Living Magazine while simultaneously tracking conversion data.

Get professional printed copies of your magazine as you need them to share with prospects or as a marketing piece. Printed copies are ordered directly from the printer at an additional price.

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Resort Living LeadSuite is Special

  • Exclusively Agent-Branded Product

  • High Lead Conversion

  • Share Online or Print-on-Demand

  • Easy To Share & Promote

  • No Advertisers (besides you)

  • You own it. No Monthly Fees

  • Effective Relationship Tool

  • Great Referral Building Tool

Unlike any other resort living product available in the Palm Springs market.

marketing for real estate agents
10 Ways to Use your Relocation LeadSuite

Better & Smarter Marketing

Keeps you in touch with past clients

This product is a wonderful follow up item to pair with a referral request.

Sticking power keeps your name around

As a high-quality magazine this product will stay on coffee tables and night stands.

Targeted marketing & conversion

People looking to relocate to the Palm Springs area will see you as the expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage folks to email the link to out-of-town prospects for them to download the magazine on their computer or mobile device; share it on social media, and ask others following you to share it too! Get custom business cards printed with the guide URL or QR Code so it’s easy for people to download; add it to your LinkedIn profile so out-of-town contacts have quick access; create or use a specific relocation landing page to attract and capture new leads using the relocation guide as premium content. These are just a few quick ideas that have proven effective.  Read our 10 Ways to Use the Relocation LeadSuite

There are no monthly fees. The custom Relocation Magazine is yours to use for as long as you would like for the single one-time price.  The Landing Page Platform is your as well; you may keep it hosted on our servers for free the first year and only $20/year thereafter.

Absolutely!  Upon approval of your finished magazine, let us know that you want printed copies and we’ll upload the full bleed version for printing to Blurb.com – an online short-order printer – for you to order direct from them.  If you find a less expensive place to get it printed, let us know and we’ll upload it there. It does take extra time for us to do the upload so we only do it upon request.  Allow up to two days to receive your private link to order your personal magazine.

We’re here to support the product as much as you need.  Many changes are available Free-of-Charge:  Updates to your contact information, bio, photo, and of course, we’ll fix any typos you might find in the magazine itself.  There is a small one-time design fee ($10 – $25) if you want us to add/remove team members or if you change real estate brokerages.  We’re here to support you, and we make it easy and quick.

Yes, we would be willing to license the editable (RAW) documents that we have compiled to create the Relocation Magazine.  Please note that the raw editable files are packaged as an Adobe InDesign document with many elements created in Adobe Illustrator; as such you will need access to up-to-date versions of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and the knowledge to use these specialized applications.  If you are unfamiliar using these Adobe applications we highly discourage you from purchasing a license to the editable (RAW) documents.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing access to our editable raw files.