//Six Mailing Ideas to Stay In Touch with Your Client

Six Mailing Ideas to Stay In Touch with Your Client

Six Mailing Ideas to Stay in Touch with Your Client

Email is a great way to communicate with your clients, especially ones you’re currently working deals with.  It provides easy access and a quick way to respond or ask questions.  Yet, once the transaction has closed, email isn’t the best way to stay in touch.  It may be years before this client is ready to do another transaction.  That’s why mailings are a great way to stay in touch you’re your client throughout the year.   Who doesn’t love receiving a card or gift in the mail?

Here is a list of six mailing ideas to stay in touch with your client:


Mail a calendar with your information on it.  While this may seem old-school, it’s surprising how many people place these on their desk or hang on the refrigerator.  A personal note wishing them a good year goes a long way.


Spring is in the air!  Mail a note-card and include a floral seed packet.  They’ll think of you all season long, especially if you send a packet of Forget-Me-Nots.  You can even get them custom imprinted with your name and logo!

4th of July

Send a 4th of July card.  Who sends 4th of July cards?  No one! That’s the point – this makes you stand out!


Mail an invite to help support the local food bank for the holidays.  For example, “Only we can make our community a better place.  Join me this holiday season by donating to the local food bank.”  This shows goodwill and is a great way to keep in touch.

End of November

Mail a Christmas card with a personal note.  Even cards from businesses get hung up around the family home.

Anniversary of Home Sale

And of course, send them a card on the anniversary of their home buy.  In four or five years include a note with the current value of their home and how much more it’s worth at that time.

The idea is to stay in touch with your client throughout the year in a way they remember you.  The result is referrals to their friends and a continued client for years to come.

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