//Staying In Contact With Your Leads

Staying In Contact With Your Leads

In business, especially real estate, staying in contact with your leads is imperative if you want to earn their business one day.  With many real estate leads, it can take months or even years from their first inquiry with you until they are ready to make a purchase.  During that time, they are being solicited from other agents, making inquiries on other sites and, unless you are being active in staying in contact with them, you have a good chance of losing their future business to a competitor.

Here are a couple great ways to step out of the traditional “thinking of you” note and set yourself apart from your competition while staying in contact with your lead.

Set-up an Alert on Each Lead

Google Alerts is an easy and excellent way to be notified when your lead is mentioned anywhere on the world wide web.  You can enter the person’s name, company name, their industry, or topics of personal interest.  This allows you the opportunity to reconnect with something more meaningful than “thinking of you” and instead, “I immediately thought of you when I saw this.”

Subscribe to Their Blog

Many people today have an online personal blog.  It is their way to share their journey with others who have similar interests.  Whether you’re interested in what they are writing about or not, you are interested in earning their trust and ultimately their business.  Most blog posts have comment areas that rarely get used.  Post a simple comment on their blog post and that will make a world of difference in their eyes that you took the time to read and care enough to comment.

Staying in Contact with Your Leads

Implement these two relevant ways to stay in touch with your lead, along with the traditional holiday and personal notes and you’ll be the first agent they think of when the times comes to make their move.

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