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The Experts

We’ve been helping professionals stand out for over 15 Years.

We accomplish this through a straight-forward prospect acquisition platform promoted via Google Adwords and organically with clear accountability. We’re always examining the industries we serve to build better and newer conversion-centric landing pages that outperform the competition. Our secret is simple: We do the work others just talk about.

Karen Barnett-Iddings

Karen Barnett-Iddings

If you asked Karen if she is competitive she would most likely deny it. Yet for the past two-decades she has continually found herself as the top-performing sales/marketing executive regardless of the shop, agency, or radio station she found herself – and we don’t think that’s just a coincidence. She’s known for her friendliness, sincerity, organization skills – and let’s be honest, she’s our unapologetic taskmaster. And when she’s not on the phone or sitting behind a keyboard she’s either swimming, cycling, or running where her (self-proclaimed) non-competitive nature is trying to…  well, we’d say get faster to beat other people but she claims it’s to improve her personal time.  Whatever.

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Richard Iddings

Richard Iddings

Richard is often credited as the strategist, shockingly patient, and undeterred by any obstacle – or he just has awkward social skills and doesn’t quite grasp what’s going on around him. What he lacks in people skills he certainly makes up for it in his mastery of technology and marketing; a professional skill set well demonstrated over two decades across various sales & marketing executive roles. You’ll also benefit from his insatiable exploration new technologies, certifications, and continuing education opportunities. When he isn’t sitting in front of a computer for work, you’ll find him camping where he has romanticized notions of a life away from technology.

Hometown: San Jose, CA

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