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The Internet Czar


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Quick History

The Internet Czar.  It was a name never meant to stick.  The name was selected for a special project, but as the business grew and time passed, the name stuck.  We’ve never been particularly fond of the name. We’ve just been too busy to make it a priority in switching it out – as you might imagine, rebranding can be quite costly and time consuming.

Reason For Change

If you’ve ever searched for The Internet Czar you’ll notice we have a strange competitor for the name – the Chinese government.  You see, as a communist utopia they regulate nearly every aspect of life – this of course, includes the internet.  They have an Internet Czar, which happened to make the news not too long ago as he was the subject of a corruption probe.  We’re not that Internet Czar…  although, now that we think about it, this might be a fun satire site to build one day on this domain.

Our Future

Like you, we compete in a tough and impacted market – so we’re improving our game.  We’ve done well providing niche products – so, we’re going to expand in that area.  What does that mean?  Well, head over to our team headquarters to learn more!