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You are 4x more likely to gain a new customer if you personally respond within 5 minutes of the request. Just letting them know you’re on it shows them your interest, focus, and availability to their needs. Most times, that first contact is enough to keep them from looking for another agent, at least for a few more days.

A lead response time survey done by Medium Corporation found that 50% of the brokerages surveyed respond within 3 days! Not only has your lead moved on by then, but they may already be signing papers with another agent. The Best Real Estate Website Platform allows you to start building relationships with your prospects immediately.


Targeted real estate landing pages improve your referral rate, marketing reach, and make promoting via email, social media, and PPC more effective.

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Seller focused landing pages make it easier to emphasize specific listing services improving your relevance, market penetration, and lead conversion.


Gain stronger organic traffic with life stage focused content designed to attract traffic and convert home seller leads based on the most common reasons people sell their homes. These landing pages are also available as a standalone platform.


Imagine going into a restaurant that does not have a menu and the server never asks you what you want. You’re not that hungry, so you sit there, waiting. Occasionally, the server stops by your table, stares at you, and then walks away. This story describes how most real estate websites function.

People may be greeted well upon visiting your website. But with no focus on core services, and never a call to action, people eventually leave, looking for someone who can answer their questions, someone who can feed them.

Real estate focused lead funnels, or landing pages, solve this problem. Lead funnels express a concentrated message around core services with a repetitious call-to-action—they’re intended to be promoted and shared, and measuring their effectiveness is fairly straight-forward.

You have questions we would love to answer.

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