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Stop with generic messaging and speak directly to the needs of your real estate market. Our platform catapults you in the right direction.

Livified Listing Platform

Our real estate marketing platform is focused around the twelve most common reasons people sell their homes. We’ve researched the reasons, built the platform, utilized lead/click funnel best practices, made it affordable, and best of all, made it completely turnkey.

Career Relocation - Livified Listing Platform

Career Relocation

A completed lead funnel/landing page designed to reach individuals weighing their options as they plan for a career relocation. Do they rent their homes or sell them?  Can you help them understand their choices?

Livified Listing Platform - Death

Death & Real Estate

Not an easy subject yet 1 person dies every 12 seconds.  This ready-to-go lead funnel/landing page is designed to make outreach easier and less awkward. Gain quick local search engine traffic as this is a low impact category.

Livified Listing Platform - Empty Nester

Empty Nester

This topic is best utilized toward graduation times and after holidays as a reminder of the life change taking place around them. The desire to live closer to their children and grand kids is strong motivator to sell their home.

Livified Listing Platform - Planning

Financial Planning

Whether as a result of an estate plan or a retirement plan the topic of their real estate holdings will come up. Are there tax benefits of selling their home now? Is an unnecessary large house payment slowing down other financial goals?  Be part of that conversation.

Livified Listing Platform - Hardship

Financial Hardship

Financial struggles come in many different forms.  It could be a job change, poor financial management, or some other financial change in their expenses that is taking its toll.  Whatever the reason, catching people in the planning phrase is far better than catching them trying to short-sale or worse. Helping people evaluate their selling options very early is best here.

Livified Listing Platform - Too Small

Home Too Small

People are often surprised how quickly stuff accumulates – especially true if your household has grown a big larger since the house purchase. This topic won’t gain much organic traffic – but a small promotion on social media will go a long way on this topic – especially if you have some fun with it.

Livified Listing Platform - Growing Family

Growing Family

While most homes can take on one child without much issue as that child grows or discussions of a second child become a frequent topic, new opportunities will arise. This topic will also be best served around small social media campaigns.

Livified Listing Platform - Health & Lifestyle

Health & Lifestyle

Accessibility is a growing challenge for both an aging population or families with special needs. This is a topic that will generate organic traffic on its own as it is a low impact category. Writing an additional blog article on this topic will produce even stronger long-term results.

Livified Listing Platform - Upgrade

Upgrade or Sell

Thanks to home remodeling shows everyone with a hammer and power saw think they’re going to take their home and turn it into their dream home. Then they add up the costs, think about the timeline, and realize reality doesn’t quite match tv.  But, the seeds to a better home have been planted, can you show them their dream home while selling their present home?

Livified Listing Platform - Divorce

Divorce & Real Estate

Every 13 seconds, there is one divorce in America; 50% of married couples will get divorced. This isn’t a comfortable subject, but it is a reality, and the topic of assets will come up. Having a lead funnel/landing page on this topic makes it more comfortable to receive referrals and develop promotions.

Livified Listing Platform - Retirement


Retirees sell their homes for a lot of different reasons: health, financial, moving, or freedom. Consider concentrated Facebook campaigns or PPC campaigns aimed at your specific demographic. A lead funnel in this category makes it easier and comfortable for people to make contact with you. Consider creating additional peripheral retirement lifestyle oriented landing pages to accompany this category.



Marriage these days is interesting category. People are waiting longer to get married and it is not uncommon for one or both to come into the relationship with real estate. There are many different factors and conversations to be had with mature newlyweds.

Your platform is not limited to our twelve lead funnel pages.

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