The Why.

If you want users to reach your website when they type in your domain name, you’ll need to update how your domain name manages traffic. This is easily done by one of two steps. You only need to complete one of these steps.

The Where.

First, you’ll need to visit your domain registrar. This is where you have your domain name registered. The most popular domain registrars are GoDaddy, ENOM, 1&1,, Bluehost, Namecheap, and there are many others. If you need help locating where your domain name is registered please ask us and we may be able to tell you.

The How.

Option One: Update your domains DNS A RECORD
If you’re using email with your domain name this is our suggested option. In this option, you’ll visit your DNS settings with your domain registrar and update/edit your ‘A RECORD’ to

Link to Godaddy support article:  Click Here
Link to Enom support article: Click Here
Link to 1&1 support article: Click Here
Link to support article: Click Here
Link to Namecheap support article: Click Here

Option Two: Update your domains NAMESERVERS
Updating your nameserver allows us to manage future DNS updates like adding email for you, utilizing sub-domains, etc… We utilize four nameservers, you are only required to utilize two of them, but if your domain registrar has the option to utilize all four then do so.


Please let us know which option you utilize so we can make the appropriate updates on our side. Also, in most instances, DNS UPDATES ARE NOT INSTANTANEOUS and may take between 2 to 24 hours to properly propagate through the internet. You can utilize tools such as to see if DNS servers worldwide have picked up the update yet.