Congratulations on owning this powerful lead platform. Below are some ways on how to use the Relocation Lifestyle Platform to get leads.

On Social Media

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Post regularly with engagement. The more engagement there is, the better. You do this by asking questions. For example, “With summer winding down, people are trying to get in the last camping trip for the season. What is your favorite Idaho camping area?” Then link to your camping page on the Relocation Lifestyle Platform.

When fall is approaching, ask what are some favorite Idaho hikes then link to the hiking page. Favorite mountain bike trails in the area? Link to the mountain biking page. Hunting season is here – promote that with questions to get people to engage and so on as we head into winter. Winter is a great time for hot springs – link to the hot springs page. Favorite Idaho ski resort – link to skiing page. Favorite snow sport – link to the snow sports page, and so on.


Whether in an email format or hard copy, when creating your newsletter, be sure to be cohesive in your message from social media. Whatever topic you’ll be posting on the week or two your newsletter goes out, write a short article about it. Be sure to include the URL to the landing page in your Relocation Lifestyle Platform for them to learn more and request your Relocation Magazine.

Email Signature

Your email signature is a prime promotional area to take advantage of. It’s easy to change and update to keep consistent with your social media posts and newsletter. It can be something as simple as “20 Reasons to Live in Idaho.” Or, be more specific, “Tired of your commute?” and hyperlink it to your commuting page in your Relocation Lifestyle Platform.

Leverage Past Clients

Email your past clients. Most people who live in or move to Idaho want their friends and family to move here too! Make it easy for them by asking them to share your link with their friends and family.  

With 20 different topics, there is enough content to plan your marketing strategy consistently over the next year.