Let me first congratulate you on owning the Best Real Estate Website platform on the market loaded with content. The content on this platform will go a long way over time in gaining you a higher ranking in search results.

But what can you do now to start getting traffic to your site? Announce it!

Below I’ve listed six simple and free but often overlooked actions you should take immediately to announce your Best Real Estate Website.

Update Your MLS Agent Profile

The MLS agent profile is often a neglected area once an agent joins the MLS, which is a big mistake. Do a Google search on just about any agent in any market, and the first result that often shows up is their regional MLS profile. You can update your MLS profile as often as you need, so be sure to update your bio. Announce your Best Real Estate Website and invite people to visit.

Your Brokerage Website

Most brokerages have their agents listed on the brokerage website along with their contact information and bio. The brokerage website is another often neglected area once the agent’s information is initially entered. Be sure to keep this updated and fresh, and now that you have a shiny new website, put that in there as well. If there is no field in the contact section for your Best Real Estate Website domain name, insert it into the copy of your bio somewhere.

Social Media

Most social media accounts allow a profile or about section that lets you share a little about yourself. Not only should you have your Best Real Estate Website listed in the designated field, but you can also mention it in your profile. Then invite your friends to visit your new site in a post! These are the top social media sites every agent should have for their business with links on how to create them:

All Advertising

Announce your new Best Real Estate Website in your advertising campaign over the next month. Use a specific call to action. State that it’s a resource for whatever stage of life you’re in. “First-time home buyer, Investment Property, Retirement, Marriage – wherever you’re at today, visit janedoerealestate.com.” And may I strongly urge you to refrain from the overused cliché “whether you’re buying or selling….”

Email Signature

I’ve written a blog post on this topic before. Your email signature is free advertising space to promote your Best Real Estate Website to everyone you send an email to. But don’t just list your website address thinking someone will click it. Offer something unique. After all, you have 30 different topics to choose from! “Buying Your First Home” with a hyperlink to your First Time Home Buyer landing page. Change it up from time to time. Next month “Getting Married? Congratulations!” A month later, “Preparing for Your Growing Family.” And link each statement to the corresponding landing page.

Share with Friends and Family

Ask your friends and family to share your new Best Real Estate Website.   Ideally, you have some dedicated clients, friends, and family that share your posts now and then. Ask a specific vendor or friend whose audience reflects your target demographic. A couple of shares go a long way.

As stated above, these are simple steps you can take today to start getting more traffic to your site. You can take more detailed steps to promote your Best Real Estate Website in various ways and help it gain traffic.

In the meantime, implement the above, and by the time you’re done, check back here for the more detailed action plan you can take later.