I receive dozens of emails from agents a day and it amazes me how many do not have a call-to-action in their email signature.  This invites the recipient of your email to learn more about what sets you apart.  This is free advertising space!  Do you have a call-to-action in your email signature?

Every Recipient Should Get One

Ok, perhaps these agents use different email signatures based on who they’re sending the email to and I just happen to get ones tagged ‘vendor’.  Even so, whether it’s a vendor, a friend or a prospect, there should always be a call to action in a real estate agent’s email signature, especially when you have something unique to offer.  Hey, I ended up moving and guess what?  I will need a REALTOR® one day going from vendor status to client – but that’s another blog topic for another day.

Instead, the most common email signature I see day in, and day out is the traditional business card style signature – agent photo, name, brokerage, phone number, maybe some fancy credentials and a website link.  Just sitting there.  Why would I want to click your website link?  What am I going to see on your website that I won’t find on hundreds of other real estate sites?  Why would I search for property on your site when I can search for property on Realtor.com?

Offer Something Unique

How about adding a simple – “See Why People Love It Here” with a hyperlink to your Relocation Landing page.  This way you can track who is downloading your magazine and follow-up with them.  Or if you have the Livified Life Stages Platform choose one of the 12 life stages pages to focus on for a month – “Learn About Selling Your Home in a Divorce”.  Next month – “Kids Graduating? What’s Next?”  A month after that – “Transfer of Real Estate after a Death”.   You get the idea.

Differentiate yourself from the rest of your peers with simple steps like a call-to-action in your email signature.  The result is more traffic to your landing pages and ultimately more clients to work with.