Here are 10 Ways to Use the Relocation LeadSuite to attract and convert relocation leads. You are by no means limited to these ideas, rather, these are just great ways to start using your Relocation LeadSuite.  Also, we’re always looking for new affordable ways to leverage our products to produce the best results for our clients so you might want to check back occasionally.

10 Ways to Use the Relocation LeadSuite

Improve Organic Placement

You’ll be happy to hear that your new landing page platform is delivered search engine optimized. This means search engines can easily spider, define, and categorize content around a wide range of short and long keyword search phrases. Combine the platform SEO with an emphasis on locality and you’ll find yourself with nice organic search engine platform in no time.

To improve your position even better, consider adding three (3) short articles emphasizing your local communityAsk us how.

Work Your Past Clients

You have heard it a thousand times in the past, to get more referrals, you need to ask for them. The trouble with this truth is that you will often hear, “I’ll get back to you…” in response. Friends don’t send friends solicitors.

If your past clients understand exactly how you will use their referral it will improve the chances that they will trust you with their friend. The last thing they want is their friend being hounded with voicemail messages of, “whether you’re buying or selling…”

Instead, ask your past client if they know anyone who would be interested in moving to your area.  Let them know you have a relocation magazine that you would like to send them.  This gives them peace of mind knowing you are offering something relevant.

This same discussion is not limited to our relocation product but can be used for nearly all our topic-centric products.

No-Brainer Placement

We say, “no-brainer” yet most agents do not consistently leverage the resources presently available to them. For example, are you maximizing the value of your email signature line with a specific and REASONABLE call to action? The keyword there is reasonable. “Click Here to List Your Home” won’t quite have the same success as “Top 12 Reasons it might be time to sell your home. Click Here

We’re talking about free space to promote yourself. Are you utilizing your agent description/bio page on your broker website, MLS bio, and bio? Be sure to vary your biography descriptions a little to widen your organic footprint.  And always, always, always, include a call-to-action in your bio. A call to action could be as simple as, “Nearing retirement? Talk to me about the top 3 real estate options to consider before buying that sailboat.” Another Bio might include, “Kids Heading to College? Get a copy of my 5 Things to Consider Before They Leave.”

Focused Cross Promotion

While No-Brainer Placement is a type of cross-promotion; I want to emphasize your present website as a strong cross-promotion vehicle. Far too often agents only view their real estate websites in terms of real estate search.  This is too bad because 100,000,000 people a month are using Trulia/Zillow/

Instead, your website really should emphasize local real estate service topics. Having teaser content or sections of your website dedicated to local real estate service topics would allow you to dominate as a local real estate resource.  For instance, (Your Area) Relocation Expert.

It’s important to utilize banner advertisements to encourage your traffic to flow in the directions you want them to.  This means, directing them to landing/squeeze pages which will give you lead contact information that allows you to nurture leads into transactions.

Better Email Promotions

Too often, agents send out real estate newsletters that contain the enthusiasm of a commodity report.  When is the last time someone got excited about Cocoa prices? Well, believe it or not, a lot of people feel that exact same way about real estate price trends, inventory, and YTD comparisons. So, get relevant in your monthly or quarterly emails.

For example, an email solely dedicated on relocation with a call to action for them to download your relocation magazine. Of the people who respond, you’ll have 1) past clients who already live in your market requesting a magazine.  With this information, you ought to call them and find out who they know interested in relocating and get the referral! 2) They will forward your email to the person they know and you can contact that lead directly.

Topic emphasis can vary. Even uncomfortable topics can occasionally be emphasized, such as Divorce & Real Estate, Death & Real Estate, Kids & Real Estate… Are you seeing a trend here?  And with our Livified Life Stages Listing Platform, it makes talking about these topics much easier.

Be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) –
Focused Marketing

At times, it’s just fun to hang out in the tourist areas of town. The vibe is different, people are enjoying themselves, folks are happy, things just feel different. As a real estate agent that works with people who are moving from out of the area, you might want to occasionally be in the places they are visiting. It could be as simple as having breakfast or coffee once a week at a popular touristy restaurant or coffee shop.

And of course, if you’re going to meet people, you need a business card that speaks specifically to out-of-town buyers. A business card that singularly positions you as a relocation expert. This business card should direct them to your relocation magazine landing page which can be set up to automatically send them an email to your regular website later.

Help HR Managers / Recruiters

There is a natural tendency to take the top employers in your market and try to develop a relationship. The problem with this strategy is that other agents wanting out-of-town buyers are doing the same thing. Instead of courting the top employers, consider the middle of the pack, focus on startups, focus on growing industries and the top players in those industries, and develop a peripheral strategy that really sells the community to their recruits. DEVELOP A STRATEGY.

The goal here is straight-forward. It is NOT to send an HR Manager or Recruiter a letter that lets them know what real estate agents do for a living. You should request a meeting where you will SHARE your ‘promoting the community’ strategy with them… These managers/recruiters should view you as a recruitment partner, someone who has a strategy to promote the community that encourages people to move to the community. Showing managers your relocation magazine, sharing your strategy, and the follow-up strategy will set you in a direction for better partnerships.

Promote on Social Media

First, you need to recognize that not all social media platforms are equal. They have strengths and weaknesses, they attract different demographics, utilize media differently, and all of these will impact the success of any social promotions.

Be sure to tightly define your market when promoting services on social media – which allows you to control your budget, get more mileage in key demographic segments, and longer campaigns allow you to make improvements. ALWAYS LINK TO YOUR LANDING PAGE and not your social media page. Remember, the point of your campaign isn’t to generate likes; it’s to generate workable leads.

Keep in mind you can promote on Google Adwords as well. Target communities that seem to be attracted to your community, tightly define your market and keywords. The point of your campaign isn’t to blast that city with who you are – it’s to attract ONLY people interested in moving to your community FROM that town.

Hint: Piggyback your relocation campaign in communities that your local tourism board is targeting… They’re already advertising the recreation aspect of your community, now you can spend less than a few hundred dollars a month in the same market focusing on a relocation campaign and benefit with even larger returns.

Leverage Video + Relocation

For the last few years it’s been impossible to avoid the importance of utilizing video to promote yourself – and yet, most agents don’t do it. In most cases it’s because of the tips to producing real estate content is boring. Nobody likes boring, people don’t like producing boring, and they certainly won’t watch it.

Instead, consider producing short videos around topics you actually enjoy – which will attract an audience of people who enjoy the same. Obviously, you’ll want these interest videos to connect back to the community you represent and ALWAYS plug both in the video and text description of the video where they may get a copy of your relocation magazine.

The more community relevant the video the better your leads will be; the more interest centric the video the less quality your lead will be. So, create your videos accordingly.

Build up your Peer Referrals (in other markets)

Develop a cross-promotion with agents in an out-of-state market. This cross-promotion will encourage listings in the other market while pushing out-of-state buyers to you. For example, imagine an Orange County agent sending an email that reads, “You know, the traffic isn’t like this in Boise…” in the fun promotional copy points there is a link back to your relocation landing page. You share the lead results of the campaign, they pursue leads as a potential listing lead, you pursue them as a potential relocation lead. This is a fun campaign you can pursue in a lot of different markets that actually has a lot of benefit for the out-of-state agent as it will reveal more people interested in selling. The benefit to you is that you can have this arrangement in many different communities which will produce a stream of workable leads.

Bonus: They also receive a referral bonus. You two can switch positions later – you run a campaign for them, “You deserve a pay raise and a weekend on the beach…” And they share the leads with you as a potential listing lead and you receive the referral bonus should they buy.

Bonus Ideas/Uses

  • Remember, ALWAYS follow-up a relocation magazine request with a letter MAILED to their present address introducing yourself and warmly inviting them to ask you a couple of questions.
  • ALWAYS follow-up the personal letter with a postcard… A local tourist type postcard ideally letting them know their new community is waiting for them.
  • Need help with printing costs? Consider placing an advertiser or two within the magazine. A couple of full-page advertisements within your magazine may be enough to print 100 high-quality magazines. The more magazines you print at once lowers the per unit cost and makes it more interesting to your select group of advertisers.
  • Use Printed Magazines at open houses, leave in high traffic tourist areas, and use them to attract recruiters or other partners to work with you.
  • Share them during a listing presentation to show them your involvement in relocation marketing.